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Red River Resorts
The administrative service area locates in a place with 1220-1380 altitude, and also is 7km away from the park gate which is surrounded by hills and forests, there are also streams circling around it to make it a elegant place to visit. The resorts were built by mountains and rivers and the whole environment appears like ancient wonder land with all the quietness. There are more than 2500 rooms in eleven hotels with modern service facilities. The north and south main courses, local flavor snack and kinds of local courses will be free to have a taste while you enjoy yourselves in the bonfire and the entertainment performances; projects like ropeway, slide way, strop, driftage, plank road, outdoor extending and adventure are also the best choices for you to challenge yourselves and feel your passionate.
The Fairy Hill Scene Spot
The Fairy Hill Scenary locates in the middle of the park with high and steep peak which is famous for its hill sight and the ecological forest. The Red River Cinnabar Cliff, Taiyi Fiary,Zhichi Dian Valley and Delicate Four Mouth are available to visit. You can look down form above at the Guanzhong Plain. Up you can see the Taibai Snow cover, far away you can watch the Doumu Peak. The main function of the Fairy Hill is for leisure and relax, nursing and ecological tourism.
XianDong Temple
Because of the orogenesis movement, seven2meter high,1.5meters wide and 2 meters deep natural stone cavern was formed. The people built a temple because of the cavern and named the temple XianDong Temple.
Lotus Cavern
The Lotus Cavern is one of the most famous Taoist temples in Northern Taibai Mountain which have the long history. In the back of the cavern, there is one stalactite looks like upside down lotus, so the people built one Taoist temple named Lotus Cavern. There are many Buddha statues in it, like Sanqing (Yuqing Yuanshi Buddha, Shangqing Lingbao Buddha and Taiqing Daode Buddha), the Jade Emperor, Er-long God, Jade Buddha, etc.
Cloud Fair Gate
It is also called as One Line of Sky. The shape of the cliff facing each other looks like was chopped by axes and swords which formed a natural and precipitous gate, making people trust it is formed by the gods.
Avalokitesvara Temple
The Avalokitesvara Temple is one of the ancient temples in Taibai Mountain. It is said that the Avalokitesvara had spread sweet dew and wished merit of every living being. The peak surrounded by clouds looks like Buddha Avalokitesvara far away, thus it got this name.
Jade Pillar and Rainbow
From here we could see the water sprinkling from the roof of the cliff like pearls reflected the sunshine to form a rainbow. In winter, the water stream frozen a glittering and spectacular icicle.
Double Cave Waterfall
The river is cut and falls here and formed a waterfall. It is recorded that there are two caves behind the waterfall which connect Chang An in the east and the Yong Zhou in the west. Jiang Ziya had abandoned the ship to avoid the rain and disappeared in the west cave secretly and mysteriously.
Peach Blossom Castle
Near this castle, there are many peach trees around the river. In the early spring, the recovery of the earth, the river vanishes, and the tress at the riverside blossom and make a tremendous land.
Peach Blossom Castle
Near this castle, there are many peach trees around the river. In the early spring, the recovery of the earth, the river vanishes, and the tress at the riverside blossom and make a tremendous land.
Meeting of the Gods
The steep cliff edge and the jagged cliff looks like the profile of the gods. It is said that Jiang Ziya bade his farewell to the other gods at here after he titled the gods at Baxian Tai. There is a giant rock platform right across the river called Baixian Platform where the people cherish Jiang Ziya and sacrifice gods. In the local legendary, people could see the cloud curling up in the sky when they pray and worship as if the gods are showing themselves.
Precious Turtle Egg
The natural rock turtle and stone eggs on the cliff contrasts finely with the fallen leaves make it the wonderfulness of nature.
Young Phoenix Drinking Water
The hill in the front resembles a young phoenix drinking water from the river. According to legend, the phoenix was willingly to transform into a hill to guard the Flood evil and secure the people.
Dragon Bay
The elegant and beautiful Dragon Bay is a auspicious place. According to the Big Dipper confucians classics, the princess consort Doumu gave birth to nine princes for the King who guard in the valley seperatellly. According to the legend, Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin had a bath in the Dragon Bay in his bad time. He had tranquil contemplation while bathig to encourage himself which made him successful at last.
Doumu Waterfall
Doumu Waterfall originated from the Taibai Doumu Peak, thus the name is got because of it. The sweet and mellow water of the waterfall has never dried up through many times of drought. The height of the waterfall is more than ten meters with ten meter width. Like a dragon flying from the sky from far away point looks like it is going to take your soul, meanwhile, it is the biggest waterfall in Taibai Mountain.
Numerous Waterfall Pool
The landscape of the Numerous Waterfall Pool is graceful for you to take a stroll since the scenery of both sides of the river is grassy forest with stream running and birds singing which is indeed a water world and source of dream.
Red River Cinnabar Cliff
This is one of Eight Sites of Taibai Mountain. The altitude of the cliff is 1900 meters, and its name was got for the rock mass looks red when reflecting the sunset glow. And the plank road on the bold cliff is 700 meters long and one meter wide. When you climb to the top of the cliff, you could overlook all the splendid landscape of Shaanxi Province, such as the Taibai Snow Cover close to you and the Baxian Peak in the far distance.
Touching Stone Valley
The pine stands on the giant rock and the green plants covers all over it. Besides the rock, there are green ponds and flying waterfall matching the trees making a pleasant shade. All the rock, valley, stone, forest and water form a amazing scenery.
Four Mouth Peak
Looking to the north from here, four mouth peaks stand to each other shoulder to shoulder. Their shape is great and majestic to make them green colossus between the sky and the earth.
Pot Holder Stone
Three hills confront each at the gate of the valley such as stones holding the pot. It is said that Sun Simiao had fetched some stone to hold the pot and cook, and then this place was named after it.
Black Bear Watching the Moon
The jagged rock here looks like a black bear watching the moon. And it could be called as the star and moon guardian angel.
Swallow Cliff
The 33 meter high cliff with seven meter deep hole which could contain hundreds of people gets its name because of the Red-rumped Swallow dwelling in the cave.
Stone Sea
Due to the erosion of glacier and the frost weathering, the cliff started to disintegrate and for waves of stones which looks like sea and rather magnificent. The altitude of the Stone Sea is 2200 meters belonging to cold temperate climate. The accumulated snow of Taibai Mountain is far away but feels like near at hand and you could feel the chill right in front of you. Owing to the moist, rainy and foggy climate, we could watch the splendid sea of cloud very often.
Alpine Azalea
Due to the erosion of glacier and the frost weathering, the cliff started to disintegrate and for waves of stones which looks like sea and rather magnificent. The altitude of the Stone Sea is 2200 meters belonging to cold temperate climate. The accumulated snow of Azalea is one of three most famous flowers in the world which distributed in the 2600 to 2800 meters altitude of Taibai Mountain. It blossoms in every April or May with elegant style and beautiful shape.
Deciduous oak forest

The Deciduous oak forest distribute in the altitude of 800 to 2000 meters. It is mainly made up of sawtooth oak, cork oak and Liaodong oak. There are gastrodia elata, paeonol, cyrtomium rhizome, pinellia ternate, schisandra chinensis and other more than 60 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine. Meanwhile this is the habitat of many animals, such as bear, elaphodus cephalophus, takin and paguma larvata. In the spring, the forest turns into all green; and in summer, the shade of the trees are all over the place; in autumn, there are red leaves and frost here and there; and all the seasons make it changeable place.

Brich Forest

The Brich Forest distributes in the mountainous region of 2200 to 2800 meters altitude and the main varieties of trees are red brich and betula utilis. The skin of the red brich is as thin as paper so that could be written. Under the forest, there are shrub and Chinese herbal medicine like Taibai Azalea, rosa omeiensis, Qinling fargesia, Chinese herbaceous peony, polyporus, Lushou Tea and gymnadenia conopsea, which is the heaven for the wild animals. And the cold period of this place is very long so that the color of the red brich forest is so gorgeous and magnificent.

Coniferous Forest

The Coniferous Forest distribute in the area with 2800 to 3300 meters altitude. The main trees kinds are spruce, fir and larch. And this whole area belongs to the cold temperate zone climate and the average temperature keeps at -1 to -2℃. The winter here is long and cold, and the summer is pleasantly cool. The trees here keep green all year long and grow tall and straight.

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